Symptoms of withdrawal occur when the body experiences something it is not used to. Where do these symptoms and pains originate from? The brain! The brain sends a message to your body that it is supposed to be giving out symptoms because it is scared of an undisclosed danger. This unidentified danger comes from the fear of the unknown present in your mind. Read on, for more information.

Marijuana or tobacco don’t come with withdrawal symptoms, rather you are the one who carries them. Passive smokers don’t get addicted or symptoms of withdrawal so why should you?. Read the following article and ask this very question.

Marijuana has some of the characteristics of addictive drugs like tolerance, the urge to use more and more so as to get the very same effect.

How long is the withdrawal from marijuana?

Most individuals who suffer from marijuana withdrawal symptoms do so between the 2nd and 10th day after quitting weed. Symptoms may last up to one month for some people. The most serious withdrawal period is in the first 7-10 days after you stop smoking weed. Different symptoms will clear at different rates.

Do not forget that each day, negative symptoms will reduce up to a point where you are mentally and physically free from THC! Once you know what you can expect, you will be more than ready to handle it.

Marijuana Withdrawal Anxiety

A low level anxiety is the most common marijuana withdrawal symptom. Although not serious, this symptom is not easily cured by distraction or just having happy thoughts. From my own point of view, the anxiety experienced when detoxing from cannabis is a mixture of the fear of soberness, and the urge to go back to a stoned state. It is almost as if your mind is thinking “things are not normal, I hate this new state”. While  you get used to the new state of mind and not smoking, your anxiety will fade.

Sleeping, insomnia and dreaming

Each time I quit smoking marijuana, I would always get disturbances while sleeping. Initially, the insomnia may be quite serious. My worst was about four hours of sleep in sixty hours. I’ve heard that some people sleep less than five hours each night, but the most serious symptoms of insomnia tend to fade after about one week of quitting.

During marijuana withdrawal, you experience very intense and beautiful dreams, and many individuals, (including me) have had crazy doomsday nightmares. When you smoke plenty of bhang, you tend to not dream as much, or even not remember them, thus getting accustomed to dreaming and then interpreting dreams takes time. I have discovered that my dreams settle after about one month, and the nightmares drop within the first two weeks.

Weight loss and change of appetite

Lack of appetite is another common symptom of marijuana detox. I have met two people who have to smoke before eating. When they give up smoking, they lose their appetite. It is almost as if they required the weed to eat food. Truth be told, withdrawing from marijuana stresses out the body, and when you are stressed, you might lose your appetite and weight. Losing weight has to be the greatest benefit of detox.

Treatments for marijuana withdrawal symptoms

Time and patience is the best way to cure marijuana withdrawal symptoms. One of the key things in learning is to have a plan to get over the withdrawal and avoid a relapse. One thing that actually helped me get over the cravings and withdrawal was the book by Gary Evans. The book guided me through the first two weeks and provided me with exercises to get rid of some of the stress of quitting.

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Maybe you need a buddy to help you quit Marijuana.

I used to smoke pot but I gathered my wits together and found some great techniques to help me quit the habit. Many people think that you can stop smoking or stop using pot using your willpower alone but many do need to contact a Marijuana help line.

But let’s think about this for a minute, what is willpower and how does it work?
You cannot see willpower, it is a hidden strength and some people have far more willpower than others.

Packing in the puff takes a lot of courage and lots of people go hunting for a quitting buddy to help them through tough times. In reality is it that important to have a friend to help you through the bad times?

Now let’s think about this a bit more.

You feel unable to go through the quitting process on your own so you look for a quitting partner to help take you through. It seems as though you just can’t quit on your own!You feel a dark cloud is hanging over you because you realize that you need a quitting partner, which means that you don’t feel strong enough to go it alone.

Having someone close to hand to help you through the quitting process is great but it’s not the end of the world if you have to go it alone. OK , you may feel a little more stressed than you normally would.

So you have entered a vicious circle, being without a quitting buddy makes you feel stressed and when you feel stressed you want to smoke.

So how do you go about making the situation better for yourself?
Maybe one of your mates wants to kick the habit at the same time as you, if this is the case that’s great. Go out together, have fun but stay out of places that are crowded and smoky.

Try not to go out looking for a quitting buddy but on the otherhand accept it if one comes along. If no one else comes along when you start to quit then carry on  and do it your own way.

You have to be disciplined to give up weed, when you have made up your mind don’t change it. Quit for thirty days and you are going to feel like a different person, you will feel fresh and clean. If all of your attempts fail then make contact with a Marijuana help line.

What Is Marijuana?

It is a mixture of seeds, stems and leaves that originate from the hemp plant. There are actually over 200 different street names for marijuana. Every single type of marijuana on the planet alters the mind in some way.

Marijuana actually changes the way that the human brain functions. A substance known as THC is the active chemical that is inside of marijuana. However, marijuana also contains over 400 other chemicals that have some negative effect on the human body.

Why Is Marijuana Addictive?

Over time, marijuana has been grouped together with a wide range of addictive drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not even know the reason why this drug is so addictive. There are several reasons why marijuana is so addictive for people who use it.

One of the most obvious reasons why people succumb to marijuana addiction is because it makes a person feel good. In most cases, the senses are enhanced to make ordinary situations seem very amusing. People who use marijuana normally feel much better both mentally and physically after they use it.

The way that marijuana makes the human body feel is the number one reason why many people have problems when they want to quit using it. Using marijuana is considered a social and pleasurable experience. The psychoactive compounds in marijuana are very strong, which makes it that much harder for a person to quit.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Marijuana Addiction?

Effects on the Lungs

A variety of studies shows that marijuana can cause lung cancer. Inside of marijuana smoke, there are many carcinogens known to cause different types of cancer. In addition, the way in which a person uses marijuana helps to determine cancer risk.

People who smoke marijuana normally hold the smoke inside of their lungs for a long period of time, which keeps the smoke in contact with cells. Using marijuana can cause increased mucus production and irritate the lungs.

Effects on the Brain

Marijuana addiction impairs mental functioning significantly. Fine motor skills and mental perception are also impaired when a person uses marijuana. People who use marijuana also have difficulty solving problems and thinking efficiently. Memory formation and learning are also impaired.

When a person uses marijuana, their memory and learning ability can remain impaired for weeks. Studies show that people who smoke marijuana are much more likely to develop some type of mental illness such as depression, anxiety or schizophrenia.

Effects on the Heart

Smoking marijuana has been shown to increase a person’s heart rate by anywhere from 20 to as much as 100 percent. Increased heart rate can last for a period of three hours. People who smoke marijuana are five times more likely to suffer a heart attack. Another problem with using marijuana is the fact that it causes the heart to beat irregularly.

What Are The Advantages Of Quitting Marijuana Use?

A lot of people can use marijuana in moderation and continue on with their life. However, there are some people who have trouble controlling marijuana use, and they would like to quit using it altogether. One great reason to quit using marijuana is to save money.

Chronic marijuana users normally purchase in quantity, which can cause them to spend a lot of money. By quitting marijuana, a person stands to save a substantial amount of money. Upon quitting marijuana, a person can benefit from increased stamina because their lungs are no longer adversely affected. Once marijuana is out of the picture, lung capacity will increase dramatically.

Another excellent reason to quit using marijuana is for better sleep. Using marijuana disrupts natural sleep cycles, which is why better sleep is the result of quitting marijuana. These are just a few of the most popular reasons why people choose to eliminate marijuana addiction from their life.

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I often see people looking for a quitting buddy before they make their big decision to pack-in-the-puff. But does having a buddy to share your pains with really work?

Let’s look at this in a little more detail.

When you are seeking a quitting partner, what you are really saying to yourself is that you don’t want to quit on your own. Or even worse … that you can’t quit on your own! Immediately a small cloud has been cast above your head as soon as you start thinking about quitting partners because you’re saying to yourself that you don’t have the strength.

Now that isn’t to say that by having someone to share your troubles with is a really terrible thing and will condemn you to failure. Not at all! But it will make things a little more pressured than it needs to be.

When you put yourself under pressure you create stress for yourself. Stress is a trigger to make you smoke.

What’s the answer then? Well if you and a friend made the decision at the same time and it seems like the logical way to proceed then it would be very beneficial for you both to spend time together away from smoky crowds and atmospheres.

However I wouldn’t encourage that you actively seek a quitting buddy, if one falls on your lap then great you can assume it was meant to be. But if you don’t know anyone else wanting to quit at the same time as you then forget about them and go down your own path.

Decision is the absolute key to quitting weed. Make the decision and stick to it. 30 days later, you’re clean, fresh and feel like a brand new person. Why not try it? You never know you might like it! 🙂

The way to develop decisiveness is to start right where you are, with the very next question you face.

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