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Filed Under (Weed Advice) by Gary on November-8-2006

What do YOU think is the first thing you should do before giving up smoking weed?

I get asked this question a lot and I appreciate it can appear daunting with all of the different methods and information out there on the internet. When I directly answer this question I always feel that my answer isn’t what that person wants to hear.

You see I respond and tell them that this first stage to giving up smoking is making a decision. Sound’s simple enough? Right? Well you would think so. But a lot of people DON’T actually make that decision, they decide they want to give up smoking for whatever reason but they DON’T actually want to be free from smoking forever. They say to themselves “I want to smoke again” or “I’ll give up for a little bit now, and then smoke again in a few months” and even “I don’t really want to stop because I enjoy it, but I want to stop because I don’t have much money at the moment”.

People who use these EXCUSES will not give up.

They have already condemned themselves to failure before they have even started. You see if you are not 100% definite about giving up, then it simply will not happen. You have to want it more than anything for it to happen for you. If you are half hearted about it, or if you are undecided whether or not you truly want to give up then it simply will not happen for you.

There is science behind this madness, and what I am bringing this conversation towards is self-talk. What you say to yourself in your own mind. You see, everyone talks to themselves. But it is what we are saying to ourselves over and over and over and over again that is causing us to keep doing what we are doing.

If you want to quit smoking – you will, if you don’t want to quit – you won’t.

Gary Evans