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Filed Under (Weed Advice) by Gary on November-8-2006

What do YOU think is the first thing you should do before giving up smoking weed?

I get asked this question a lot and I appreciate it can appear daunting with all of the different methods and information out there on the internet. When I directly answer this question I always feel that my answer isn’t what that person wants to hear.

You see I respond and tell them that this first stage to giving up smoking is making a decision. Sound’s simple enough? Right? Well you would think so. But a lot of people DON’T actually make that decision, they decide they want to give up smoking for whatever reason but they DON’T actually want to be free from smoking forever. They say to themselves “I want to smoke again” or “I’ll give up for a little bit now, and then smoke again in a few months” and even “I don’t really want to stop because I enjoy it, but I want to stop because I don’t have much money at the moment”.

People who use these EXCUSES will not give up.

They have already condemned themselves to failure before they have even started. You see if you are not 100% definite about giving up, then it simply will not happen. You have to want it more than anything for it to happen for you. If you are half hearted about it, or if you are undecided whether or not you truly want to give up then it simply will not happen for you.

There is science behind this madness, and what I am bringing this conversation towards is self-talk. What you say to yourself in your own mind. You see, everyone talks to themselves. But it is what we are saying to ourselves over and over and over and over again that is causing us to keep doing what we are doing.

If you want to quit smoking – you will, if you don’t want to quit – you won’t.

Gary Evans

Have you ever wondered why you keep relapsing?

  • Why you are unable to give up smoking instantly?
  • What exactly is creating the cravings and withdrawal symptoms?
  • How come EVERYONE doesn’t get the same symptoms that you do?
  • Why do non-smokers not become addicted to smoking when they inhale your second hand smoke?

Here are some interesting questions you should consider to ask yourself. I am not about to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. That is your decision and your choice. No one can help you if you don’t want help. Fact is, I used to be a weed smoker and since I have given it up, life has been great!

You see the majority of people who try and give up end up failing because they are giving up using willpower. Well, lets break that down a bit. Willpower is deciding to do something against what you desire.

In fact that is so important, I am going to write it again … willpower is deciding to do something against what you desire.

When you try and do something against what you truly desire you are creating more stress for yourself because you feel like you are missing out on something. Is stress what you need in your life?? NO!

Stress is a trigger to smoke!! So, you give up, create more stress for yourself and wonder why you couldn’t resist the cravings???? It’s simple when you break it down.

What is the best way to give up smoking? Get rid of cravings. Focus upon that. If you have no cravings, you will have no problems.

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Do you still smoke marijuana regularly???

Ask YOURSELF something important today.

Why do you still smoke? ….

  • Is it because you think you’re addicted to smoking?
  • Do you smoke because you like it?
  • Is it because that’s who you are and what you do?
  • Maybe it’s because it keeps you calm?

Now ask yourself another question.
Remember back to the very first time you tried marijuana.

Did you crave to smoke then, like you do now??? ….

No? Yes? If you are anything like me then the answer is a definite No.

Well this is something for you to ponder on today and try to find out why you really have become addicted to smoking marijuana. You never smoked like this before, so why do you do it now? What EXACTLY is it that makes you THINK you have to smoke today?

Remember it is all in your mind. Ever wondered how a hypnotherapist manages to stop someone smoking in just a one hour session? Well it has got everything to do with the conscious and unconscious mind and what it believes as true. You might be saying that hypnosis doesn’t work for you or you believe it doesn’t work for you. Well you are right – it won’t work for you if you don’t believe it. You see the trick is believing it.

Do you remember what a placebo is? For those of you who don’t know – a placebo is something like a sugar pill which has absolutely no medical or chemicals inside of it. Yet it is given to a patient and they are told that it will help them recover from their problem. If the person believed it was real medication then the healing effects would often turn out to be remarkable and in most cases it was more effective than taking actual medication to heal the problem.

What does this tell us? Well the mind controls more than you know about. What you believe becomes a reality for you. If you believe you will be an addict for the rest of your life then guess what – you will. You need to shift your thoughts and change them into positives. That is what Cannabis Addicts is focusing on, how you can change your mind and thoughts to become positive! So that you won’t actually
desire marijuana anymore.

Consider what I have wrote today and if it interests you then get off of your backside and research it. Prove me that I am wrong if you want to. Or confirm that I am right. I know the truth, but do you?

If Placebo was a drug, they would no doubt be pure heroin – dangerous, mysterious and totally addictive.

Brian Molko

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So why are thousands upon thousands of people rolling up 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills and smoking them away??

What exactly is it that we are addicted to with marijuana?

If you were to ask a tobacco company and they will tell you it is to do with the chemicals within the plant itself.

If you were to ask your government they will tell you the same old story.

So …. It’s the chemicals then?????

Holy smokes, how on earth does anyone know whether this is correct or not? Where is the proof? We have been told this, but there are no heavy facts that tell us this is true. And the exact same story is with tobacco …. any manufacturer of cigarettes will tell you that it is the chemicals that cause the addiction.

I’m here to share with you my own personal views. And I encourage you to keep asking the question …. WHY? Why is my opinion correct and why are tobacco companies correct?

Anyway, whilst you ponder over that, let me continue. I strongly believe that marijuana IS NOT an addictive substance. Instead I firmly hold the belief that it is the emotions that we are addicted too and not the drug itself.

Really think about this for a moment. It’s your emotions that tell you to keep coming back for another smoke, not the plant. It’s your emotions that are playing tricks with you… “Should I smoke now or later?” …. “When am I going to get my next hit?” etc.

If marijuana and tobacco are addictive – then why don’t passive smokers become addicted? They are inhaling the same stuff that you are, but it doesn’t get them addicted and wanting more.

Interesting stuff huh? Think about it whilst reading my free special report called “The HIGH Price of Marijuana Addiction”. Signup to receive the free report by visiting … – you’ll receive an instant download after confirming your email address.

Create a great week for yourself…


In a consumer society there are inevitably two kinds of slaves: the prisoners of addiction and the prisoners of envy

Ivan Illich