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Maybe you need a buddy to help you quit Marijuana.

I used to smoke pot but I gathered my wits together and found some great techniques to help me quit the habit. Many people think that you can stop smoking or stop using pot using your willpower alone but many do need to contact a Marijuana help line.

But let’s think about this for a minute, what is willpower and how does it work?
You cannot see willpower, it is a hidden strength and some people have far more willpower than others.

Packing in the puff takes a lot of courage and lots of people go hunting for a quitting buddy to help them through tough times. In reality is it that important to have a friend to help you through the bad times?

Now let’s think about this a bit more.

You feel unable to go through the quitting process on your own so you look for a quitting partner to help take you through. It seems as though you just can’t quit on your own!You feel a dark cloud is hanging over you because you realize that you need a quitting partner, which means that you don’t feel strong enough to go it alone.

Having someone close to hand to help you through the quitting process is great but it’s not the end of the world if you have to go it alone. OK , you may feel a little more stressed than you normally would.

So you have entered a vicious circle, being without a quitting buddy makes you feel stressed and when you feel stressed you want to smoke.

So how do you go about making the situation better for yourself?
Maybe one of your mates wants to kick the habit at the same time as you, if this is the case that’s great. Go out together, have fun but stay out of places that are crowded and smoky.

Try not to go out looking for a quitting buddy but on the otherhand accept it if one comes along. If no one else comes along when you start to quit then carry onĀ  and do it your own way.

You have to be disciplined to give up weed, when you have made up your mind don’t change it. Quit for thirty days and you are going to feel like a different person, you will feel fresh and clean. If all of your attempts fail then make contact with a Marijuana help line.

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