Cold Turkey

What is the cold turkey method? Well it is based upon using willpower alone to get over your addiction. Going cold turkey simply means giving up from a specified date or when you make the decision to stop. Going cold turkey can prove to be the most effective way of succeeding because you will be getting immediate results as apposed to weaning yourself of marijuana.

When you wean yourself off of cannabis by smoking 5 joints a day one week, and then the next week you smoke only 3 joints a day etc... you are still keeping marijuana inside of your body even if you smoke just half a joint per day.

You can liken it to a plaster on your hairy arms. If you rip the plaster off all at once you will get an immediate stinging, but it quickly dies down. If you were to pull the plaster off very slowly a little bit at a time, you receive pain over a longer period of time however the pain is not as intense.

Here's something that might help you grasp the concept better. Once you give up smoking marijuana you will have 30 days before it leaves your blood stream. You might experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms for up to 30 days if you do nothing about them. No matter if you are weaning yourself off of cannabis or if you give up cold turkey. The 30 days rule will still apply to both circumstances.

We advise that everyone gives up through the cold turkey method. By doing otherwise you are confirming to yourself that you actually don't want to give up smoking.

Giving up cold turkey without any help or advice is very foolish and you would be almost bound to relapse if you feel you are addicted to smoking marijuana on a daily basis. Use the cold turkey method to give up smoking regardless of what other techniques you test and apply. Logically it is the only method available. You either smoke or you don't smoke.