Is Cannabis Addictive?

Some people believe cannabis isn't addictive like some other drugs and that you can't be physically dependent on it. While it isn't common for people to feel as physically sick as someone stopping some other drugs, many people find the first week or two after cutting down smoking cannabis can be unpleasant. For some people it's bad enough to go back to smoking. One of the most common reasons people relapse at this stage is not being able to sleep.

You are most likely to become dependent on cannabis if you use it every day. A compulsive user feels that he has to have it and spends much of his life seeking, buying and using it. He cannot stop even when other important parts of his life (family, school, work) suffer.

Research has yet to unveil complete information on the addiction of cannabis and its effects. Reason being that use of cannabis even for research purposes is banned in almost all countries in the world.

However, in more liberal countries such as the United Kingdom a licence for growing marijuana is merely a matter of bureaucracy as long as it is for botanical or scientific reasons. Hence the phrase "controlled drug".